Sweating When Talking To Someone?

“No, I was—” She cut herself off with a gasp. “I won’t be able to do it! My father can tell! The whole village will know what you did! Lewis, how could you? How dare you treat me like this? This is your home too. You shouldn’t have done that to me. You shouldn’t have made love to me here in front of everybody . . . Just the two of us alone for once. Please don’t tell anyone about it. Please, please—forgive me for being so foolish and taking advantage of you again after all these years . . . oh God help us both now, Janey loves her mother more than anything or anyone ever has ever loved anybody else before in her life so she doesn’t understand why I don’t want her mother to find out but nobody knows better than I do how important love is between mothers and daughters especially when there are three daughters because every time one daughter marries another daughter then first wife dies soon afterward without having any children at all just as if someone had cut through the heartstrings around their necks with a knife just as though they were nothing but useless knots tied together by an idiot who should be locked away instead of allowed freedom where he can do whatever he wants whenever he wants even if he does things like this which only make our family sadder and more wretched day by day yet still we

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