Sweating When Sleeping?

It’s a common problem with many possible causes. Learn about the different types of night sweats and treatment options, including over-the-counter treatments, alternative therapies and more. Dec 7, 2014 – A new study published in the Aug 8th issue of Archives of Internal Medicine finds that women who took birth control pills for at least five years experienced significantly less severe hot flashes than those who never used it.

Editorial: Birth Control Pill May Cut Hot Flashes In Women | Reuters Health Nov 13, 2014 – A new analysis from researchers at Harvard Medical School provides some evidence that the hormone progestin in contraceptive pills may help prevent hot flashes due to menopause . But they also found no difference between women using a mini pill or a combined oral contraceptive containing both estrogen and progestin. Apr 11, 2016 – “These findings suggest that long-term use of low dose birth control pills or other methods is not associated with an increased risk for breast cancer,” said coauthor Dr Suzanne Ialongo from Yale University.”This is exciting as we now have available to us another method by which we might be able to prevent breast cancer without having any side effects,” she addedIn fact just recently under European law starting July 1st 2015 all standard contraception has been approved for free on prescription by GPs however there are still some very important contraindications such as blood clots (COPD/lung disease). Mar 12, 2016 – Having sex cools your body down naturally

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