Sweating When Sleep?

He had been asleep.

He felt as if he were dreaming, and tried to open his eyes, but they would not open. He was sinking into a great darkness that seemed to be closing over him. The voices of the men in the yard came faintly up through it: “I’m going back again,” said one voice; another answered: “Go ahead then.” Then there was silence for a moment or so, and after that it grew fainter and fainter until at last he could hear no sound at all except for far away above him on high—the faint throbbing of machinery which sounded like the beating of some giant heart . . .


It is very cold! She shivered as she dressed herself with trembling hands. It is very cold today! she thought several times during her ablutions—touching here this way and touching there that way till finally she found herself absolutely clean from top to toe without having noticed what had happened to her body during those forty-five minutes between waking up from sleep and dressing itself from head to foot in garments specially designed for this occasion by its owner’s parents. For you see I am getting married tomorrow morning, dear Diary (she wondered), I have given my father notice today because we are moving out of town tomorrow morning at eight o’clock sharp because we have just learned that our house has been sold by our landlord who doesn’t want us any more because we won’t

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