Sweating When Sick?

For the most part, yes. Most people will experience some form of sweating when they get sick or in response to stress and anxiety. If you’ve never experienced this type of “sweating sickness” before and your doctor says it is due to an illness, then there really isn’t anything you can do about it other than wait for your body to heal itself. While sweat glands are present in virtually every tissue within our bodies, they aren’t necessary for normal health function—they simply play a role in creating water-wicking properties that help cool our skin through evaporation. With this said though, excessive sweating can be extremely uncomfortable and unhealthy if not dealt with appropriately! The good news is that we have a great solution for dealing with excessive sweating: apply aquaphor!

What does aquaphor do?

Aquaphor has been clinically proven to reduce the intensity of all types of allergic reactions including those from insect bites, stings from plants such as poison ivy [also known as oak trees], nettle rash [a common allergy caused by contact with plants called Urtica dioica] , or even colloquially referred to as hives [which occur between the fingers]. In addition, Aquaphor soothes dryness while providing moisture relief which relieves itching while also improving overall circulation by hydrating dry hair follicles and scalp pores . A study conducted at Indiana University showed that following

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