Sweating When Sick No Fever?


But why do I speak of those that are now dead? for they, as well as myself, have been the victims of misfortunes: and we both had hopes: but mine was not to be realized; and much less so his. But what does this matter? for even in our prosperity we must expect to suffer loss; and when we enjoy a happy life it is only by the dispensation of Heaven.

CHAPTER XII – That We Should Not Be Over-anxious About Our Health When We Are Sick.

The physician Hippocrates has written somewhat upon this subject,[1] but he says nothing which can be regarded as conclusive or absolutely certain about it. For whether he were right or wrong in supposing, that no man ought to take physic until some disease should appear unbidden on him, yet certainly neither believe nor follow him after you are attacked with any disorder whatsoever! since the very remedies themselves may prove your ruin if you use them too long—take away one ill habit from an old man who has acquired another new one—and treat yourself more frequently than Nature herself commands—let things go according to their own course! Let not your fear of sickness deprive you of health! If God forbid that instead of being cured by medicine thou shouldst die while under treatment for thy illness, then indeed will death come near thee while undergoing cure through artifice.[2] Thou hast already done many good deeds before thou didst become sick; let these

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