Sweating When Sick But No Fever?

A. A rash may be fever-related but is not always.

Answers to Case 13: 1, 4; 2, 5; 3, 6; 7, 8

Case 14 What is the treatment for a foreign body in the eye?

A 19-year-old man presents with an object “in his eye” that causes severe pain and blurred vision. The object has been there for several weeks without being removed by cleaning or irrigation of the eye. It was most likely placed into the patient’s left eye via some sort of trauma (rubbing). However, he does not recall using any objects to intentionally damage his own eyes during this time frame. He denies any past history of injury to either eye whatsoever—including head injuries or penetrating wounds—and denies any history of contact lens use in both eyes either before or after this episode occurred. His parents are concerned because they have recently noticed him rubbing certain things on his face when he thinks nobody is looking at him (elderly persons often seem to engage in this behavior). They also suspect that he might have used drugs based on what they observed while he walked around their house unsupervised occasionally over the past few days and even last night when no one was home except them all together as a family! At first glance it appears as though something inserted into one of these areas could cause significant damage if it were forcibly moved out from its original location due to whatever caused it originally becoming stuck there

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