Sweating When It Is Hot Is An Example Of:?

(A) counterirritation (B) desensitization (C) thermal comfort

4. When a person is in an environment where the temperature is 70°F and humidity is 20% and they are wearing only a T-shirt, what will happen to their body?(A) it will get warm again quickly since sweat evaporates more rapidly than heat does (B) it will cool off slowly because of its high level of humidity (C) the blood vessels near the surface of the skin become constricted with vasoconstriction

5. Which one of the following conditions could be due to: A decrease in circulation?(A) congestion (B) hypothermia (C ) dehydration D

6. The patient described above has been complaining about shortness of breath several times during these past few days. He says he can breathe more deeply when lying down but not while sitting up or standing up. His respiratory rate on examination was 18/min; his heart rate was 90 bpm; his systolic blood pressure was 100 mmHg; and his diastolic blood pressure was 60 mmHg. On capillary refill he had 2 seconds after a peripheral vein puncture, which suggests that there were no detectable signs of pulmonary edema present.(a)(B)(D). If this patient had hypotension, what would you expect to find next? ______________ ______ __________ ______ 3 secs GCS 15 cm H2

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