Sweating When I Sleep?

7. what is my allergy? 8. why can’t i gain weight? 9. how do you know it’s bad that I drink beer everyday during the week after work? 10. does drinking beer help me to sleep better or worse at night than when drunk before bedtime?

Answer: 1) Drinking too much alcohol is likely to make you feel groggy and tired, not sleepy, so don’t worry about this one unless your doctor says otherwise (eg excessive amounts of alcohol may be associated with some types of cancer). 2) It might be worth your while having a look at these http://www.webmd.com/sleep-disorders/guide/stress-and-poor-sleep 3) No idea! 4) You could try taking melatonin supplements or see if there are any over the counter herbal remedies that suit you 5) There are lots of things which interfere with our normal circadian rhythms – lack of exercise would definitely fit into this category 6 7 Drink less Alcohol If Your Sleeping Habits Are Bad The first step toward solving problems caused by a poor sleeping routine is making sure you’re getting enough sleep on a regular basis – especially as part of a well formulated reccommended daily program for optimum health

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