Sweating When Fever Breaks?

(a) Fever is not a symptom of an infection.

(b) Sweating while fever breaks may indicate the presence of malaria and should be reported to local health authorities. You can also get rid of your fever by drinking plenty of water, taking rest and sleeping at least 1 to 2 hours after finishing your meal or before going for work/exercise (i). If you do not get better within 14 days, seek medical advice (ii).

iv . Reactions to thyroid medication: This medicine might cause side effects such as allergic reactions; see section 4f. Do not use this medicine if any rash or other sign develops and seek immediate medical attention (iii).

6 Learning about medicines: What are different types? How can I tell which one is suitable?

Most people know that there are many different types of herbs used in traditional Chinese medicine; however it can be difficult to identify them when they come from a herbal shop or pharmacy because most have been processed into powders during manufacture. The following key will help you identify what type they are by looking at their appearance, taste, smell and how they react with certain ingredients in cooked foodstuffs, including soups/sauces etc.:

herbs with yellowish-brown stems usually contain tarragon oil††† often found in Chinese soups/sauces‡‡‡ high tannin content means dish needs time on heat** red

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