Sweating When Eating?

You might be on the road towards IBS, but you don’t have to give up food altogether. The first step is to identify your triggers. You can try keeping a diary of what you eat and note whether or not something makes your symptoms worse (or better) than usual – this will help you pinpoint specific things that trigger pain, bloating etc. A good resource for this is here: http://www3.nhs.uk/Livewell/digestive-health/Pages/diagnosing-irritable-bowel-syndrome.aspx#5

The digestive system plays an important role in our lives; it keeps us healthy by breaking down food into nutrients which are absorbed into the bloodstream and transported throughout our bodies where they support our cells’ metabolism and immune responses, as well as contributing to good bowel health (1). If there’s anything we all want more of in life, it’s nutritious fibre! In fact, fibre has been called “the new energy” because it increases feelings of fullness so effectively that many people feel satisfied faster after eating foods high in fibre compared with those low in fiber (2). This means less calories consumed overall during meals – sounds ideal … if only we were able to digest fibres properly before overeating! It turns out that roughly 40% of Americans suffer from some kind of digestive discomfort at least once a month – about 20 million people globally! And chances are these problems aren’t

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