Sweating When Cold?

This is the most common symptom, although some people have no symptoms at all. The reason for this condition could be several things: Your hands and feet sweat when they get warm (this is called evaporative cooling). Excess body heat can make you feel uncomfortable in cold temperatures; or your lower extremities are not used to the cold and may become numb.

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Causes of Cold Hands and Feet: Some medical conditions can cause sweating even though your body temperature is normal. These include hypothyroidism (a thyroid gland disorder that causes fatigue), chronic kidney disease, diabetes mellitus (sugar in the blood), untreated lupus erythematosus (an autoimmune skin condition) and sarcoidosis (a lung disorder). Other signs of these disorders include warm, moist skin with a yellowish cast to it and heavy joint stiffness. Talk to your doctor if you notice any changes in how much energy you have or how easily you lose weight when resting after exercising or working out in hot weather.

Anticipating winter skiing? Take measures now to keep yourself well-protected from cold injuries!

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How do I know if my hands are really getting cold when I’m outside? What should I do about this problem? You need two things: enough clothing so that your hands don’t get too wet before reaching a shelter; plus windproof gloves made specifically for very low temperatures—

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