Sweating When A Fever Breaks?

Ans. He sweats when the fever breaks; but, in certain cases, he does not sweat. I shall now explain why this is so:—If a person suffer much from cold, and continue to exercise himself too far at night or during the early morning hours, his body becomes heated by the great amount of blood which it has to circulate; and as that process can only be accomplished with difficulty—the heart being comparatively small for its size—therefore our bodies become heated more quickly than they should do were there no exercise to support them. Consequently we perspire less than we might otherwise do upon attempting to perform an unusually large amount of work. There was a time when many people thought that you could tell whether a man had been ill by looking at him; but it is now generally admitted that you can’t distinguish between those who have been ill from those who have not been so even if you observe their faces carefully for some time before they attempt any unusual exertion.[Pg 218] In fact,[243] I believe that one chief reason why illness comes on suddenly sometimes is because persons are doing something very strenuous or very hard about their business just beforehand! Those who wish us well would cease working altogether if they knew how unhealthy it is to try and keep up with others who are trying harder still! This kind of thing shows us what little judgment most people really possess regarding health matters!

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[Pg 220][

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