Sweating Is A Symptom Of What Disease?

Diagnostic tests include:

• Physical examination (biopsy)—skin biopsy, blood test for liver enzymes or bilirubin; urine analysis; abdominal ultrasound; X-rays of the chest and abdomen.

TREATMENT Complications of hyperthyroidism are treated with surgery using radioactive iodine to destroy the thyroid gland (radioactive iodine ablation). The medication T4 replacement is used for symptoms associated with hypothyroidism, such as weight gain, depression, cold intolerance. Often both conditions will need to be treated simultaneously. The physician may prescribe an antithyroid drug called methimazole since it has fewer side effects than propylthiouracil or carbimazole.


The following information pertains exclusively to nonhuman primates in a medical setting—for human beings consult a reference book on humans rather than a book on nonhumans! Treatment varies from species to species but some generalizations apply: • Diagnosis—clinical signs that indicate endocrine diseases can always help identify which type of disease you have if you don’t know what kind of disease you have already been diagnosed with by your veterinarian. In some cases laboratory tests cannot provide clear results so clinical signs must point out where further diagnostic testing should take place—if not yet taken care of by your vet at all! For example: If one lion shows abnormal behavior patterns because he is depressed and lethargic

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