Sweating Even When Its Cold?

The antiperspirant is a very effective way of managing underarm odour. In fact, it has been said that the spray-on type may be better than the roll on because it’s more convenient and can be reapplied quickly.

Do you have too much sweat? Do your clothes smell wet even after getting into a warm bath? Does your armpits itch or feel sticky at times? Well, this could mean an excess amount of natural sweat glands in the pit, either from hormones or from other medical reasons. If so, you might need to see a doctor for an examination as these symptoms could also indicate hyperhidrosis – excessive sweating. But not all cases are as serious as those mentioned above and if nothing else works out well with home remedies for excessive sweating then don’t worry but simply ask your family physician about seeing one regarding this problem which might just be something that needs professional help!

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