Sweating Armpits When Not Hot?

In the summer, you’re sweating because your body is trying to cool itself down. In that case, have a shower to get rid of the sweat and then reapply that same brand of deodorant for a few days afterward in order to stay dry all day long.

2. Deodorants Too Strong May Not Work Properly

Some people make the mistake of applying too much deodorant when they don’t need to. For example, if you want a strong perfume-like scent or something to stick around longer on your pits, go with one that’s stronger than normal during those hot months. However, if you’re just using it as an aftershave product that you will only apply once or twice before going out for dinner at night or when working out in the gym – then stick with classic cologne sprays instead since they are more subtle and work well even on very sensitive skin types like some women who are prone to hyperpigmentation causing problematic spots on their underarms due

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