Sweating Armpits When Cold?

A: Unfortunately, the cause of sweaty arms in cold weather is a little bit more complicated than just being hot. The major problem with this kind of body odor is that it can cause someone to be self-conscious about their armpits and typically causes people to try and keep them covered up for fear that others will smell it. This makes common activities such as wearing a coat or sweater uncomfortable because you’re trying not to expose your underarms while doing so. Sweating also creates an unpleasant smell when wet, which means even if your underarms aren’t sweating, they may still smell like sweat when you get back home from work or school if you haven’t showered before leaving! If this sounds like you, talk to your doctor about what options are available for controlling excess sweating in the winter months — there are many different products on the market designed specifically for use during these times (including prescription medications).

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