Sweating A Lot When Working Out?

Do you use a commercial deodorant? If so, are you using it in your armpits or on your chest? Have you noticed any change in the intensity of sweating after applying an antiperspirant/deodorant to underarm area? Do you have any other comments or questions about this topic?

2. What type of sweat do you experience when working out and at rest periods between workouts (e.g., during sleep)? Is there a difference between hot flashes that occur during exercise versus hot flashes that occur while resting between exercises, for example, while sitting in the sauna at the gymnasium waiting to begin exercising again? Tell us about what is happening with your body during these moments.

3. How much does hair care affect how well products work for controlling perspiration odor associated with excessive sweating or hyperhidrosis (excessive facial perspiration)? Does hair care alter how quickly certain products work; i.e., do some people find they need more time to dry before clothes can be changed following application whereas others may not notice this issue until later in the day when removing clothing before bedtime has become an issue because their skin feels “sticky” but it’s still moist enough without feeling wet to be readily visible through their clothing?). Do certain types of hair make sticky situations worse than other types; e.g., if one person notices increasing problems due to excessive sweating once her scalp becomes oily like she was born with full head of oil-

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