Sweating A Lot When Sick?

Yeah. I really get sweaty when I’m sick, but not in the same way that people with allergies do. It’s like a mild form of hyperhidrosis (a medical term for excessive sweating), or body odor, and it can be embarrassing if you’re at work and everyone’s staring at you while you’re running to the bathroom every five minutes because you need to wipe down your face against sweat stains on your shirt collar! And then hitting yourself in the head over-and-over again because there are other things that feel better than wiping your face off against sweat streaks on your sleeve!

How did this happen? Couldn’t they have given me some type of drug? If all these people knew why I was sweating so much, surely they could have come up with something more comfortable to help me out! Allergies can cause a lot of problems — ranging from rashes and swelling to hacking coughs — but most times these issues don’t require any medication beyond a cold or flu remedy. They just need time for their body’s immune system to take care of itself after being attacked by an invasive substance. But allergy sufferers sometimes resort to medications such as cortisone shots or nasal sprays which aren’t always very effective due to side effects such as infections and itching around the nose area where one once had been injected/sprayed/pushed into place inside their nostril cavity/upper lip region. A lot of allergy sufferers end up going through

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