Sweating A Lot When Exercise?

Some people sweat a lot when they exercise and others don’t. Sweating is part of the body’s natural cooling system, which helps to regulate your temperature. For most people, sweating cools their body during exercise. You will be able to sweat more if you participate in activities that make you work harder (like running) or if it’s very hot outside (when it’s humid). Your ability to sweat depends on: Body size and shape

Type and amount of physical activity involved When you’re exercising vigorously or out in the heat for an extended period, your skin may get warm enough that the extra heat needs help finding its way through your skin — this can happen because there isn’t enough blood flow going to your skin from other parts of your body. Keep in mind that even though some people may not be able to control how much they sweat while exercising, everyone has different levels of pain tolerance [source: University Health]. If you have trouble controlling how much you might sweat while working out, take these steps: Wear loose clothes so air can circulate around them. This should help keep temperatures cooler under layers of clothing than without them [source: University Health].

Keep moving! The best way for a person with arthritis or another condition that makes joints hurt is to keep moving throughout the day — do whatever it takes just as long as possible before standing still again [source: Mayo Clinic]. Keep up with all kinds of exercises throughout the day — stretching exercises are especially important since

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