Sweating A Lot Is A Sign Of What?

S: It’s a sign that I don’t have to do everything by myself. That I can be a little bit more relaxed and not feel like I always have to contribute all the time. On the same note, it means that if you take care of yourself, you need less from other people in order to get through your day.

I remember reading one study where they were looking at this idea of “needy-ness” or “neediness” which is defined as being anxious for things or feeling insecure when others are needed. The thing about being needy is that when someone feels needy they will often try to give something in return because it makes them feel better about themselves but then person A starts thinking about how much he needs Person B so he does something nice for him in hopes that Person B will think well of him and stop being needy, but actually what ends up happening instead is Person A gets taken advantage of because now instead of just needing stuff from person B, he also has expectations around what person B needs from him! So the only way out of this cycle is for People A and B both to learn how not become overly dependent on each other (which doesn’t happen naturally), except obviously if there are financial issues involved! But generally speaking there should never be any reason why one person should expect anything back from another…it shouldn’t even really matter who said what first; let the friendship develop organ

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