Stinging Pain When Sweating Cure?

Yes. As you sweat, your body asks for more blood to the areas of the skin that are being perspired. The increased pressure can make them feel tender or painful. Wandering hands aren’t cause by Parkinson’s disease?

No! Wearing a glove will make it difficult for you to feel if there is something in your hand without seeing it first, so continue wearing gloves while taking care of yourself with PDD treatments and medications. Is this condition dangerous? Yes! Some people find that their symptoms get worse when they are under stress or have an infection, but most people do just fine with PDD during times of illness. What treatments are available? There is currently no cure for Parkinson’s Disease (PD) yet; however, doctors do have several options at their disposal to help ease its effects on patients afflicted with this disabling brain disorder: • Drug therapy – specifically levodopa will be prescribed depending on the patient’s needs and severity of symptoms • Medications used to control movement problems like dyskinesias (unwanted involuntary movements) • Surgery – usually when necessary after other therapies fail How does medication work ? Levodopa works best when given orally in pill form , which reduces side effects due to nausea . It also assists in producing dopamine within the brain’s neural pathways . The drug has many benefits including relieving tremors , improving muscle strength/functioning and reducing stiffness/rigidity in affected muscles . Using levodopa

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