Skin Itch When Sweating?

Yes, it is normal for the person to sweat when they get too hot. However sweating may be uncomfortable in some people because of their skin type or other factors. If you have sweaty feet, this could mean that your body temperature is rising and you need to take steps to cool down or at least lower the heat in your environment. Try using a fan on high speed for 10 minutes every hour while sitting in an air-conditioned room until the sweating stops. You can also try cutting back on salt intake if needed by reducing the amount of table salt used when cooking food or adding more fresh fruits and vegetables into your diet each day along with drinking plenty of water during summer months.[13]

Are there any over-the counter medications I could use?

There are several over the counter antihistamines available without a prescription but do not expect them to work overnight! It usually takes between 2 weeks and 6 months before symptoms improve significantly so patience is key here. Antihistamines block histamine activity which reduces itching but unfortunately they don’t affect other types of allergy symptoms such as sneezing, coughing etc.[14] There are no drugs currently approved by Health Canada for treating itch due to urticaria (hives) however there are clinical trials underway looking at various treatments including antimalarial compounds,[15][16][17]. Other medical conditions should be ruled out prior to prescribing drug therapies though since these may cause side effects unrelated to itchiness.[18]

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