Shortness Of Breath And Sweating When Walking?

Diagnosis: A common condition called orthostatic hypotension is responsible for the symptoms. Orthostatic hypotension occurs when blood pressure drops during standing and can be caused by dehydration, low salt intake, or medications such as beta-blockers (used to treat high blood pressure), cholesterol-lowering drugs such as statins, antihistamines and narcotics.

Treatment: Patients should avoid alcohol which can exacerbate blood flow problems in some people. If you experience dizziness after standing up then this suggests that your balance may be impaired and therefore it’s important that you wear proper shoes with good support and go slowly at first until your balance improves; if this does not happen then consult a medical professional about wearing an ankle brace – although there are alternatives too including over the counter insoles which help keep pressure off of the nerves in your feet/ankle region (like those found on most running shoes). If you also feel excessively hot or cold it could be due to low salt intake; however if this is something you generally do well with then there is no need to worry – but don’t try cutting back on sodium any more than 400mg daily! Coffee can make these problems worse so avoiding it while taking medication could worsen conditions even further!

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