Pins And Needles When Sweating?

A. Sweat that is normally seen when exercising or in hot weather can be due to a number of reasons including the presence of an infection, skin irritation, fungal growths, patchy skin pigmentation and even allergies. If you have ever had any of these things it’s important to book an appointment with your doctor so they can remove them properly. They may also perform some blood tests on you if they suspect anything more than just sweat rash – but this will take time and make sure all your other symptoms are under control first (e.g., fever).

Q: What causes dryness? Is there anything I can do about it?

A: Dryness usually occurs because something is inhibiting perspiration which means that the body does not get rid of water via sweating effectively despite having plenty available for use (something like taking anti-perspirant deodorants). The main reasons for this are;

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