Not Sweating When Working Out?

You might notice that your hair feels like it is standing on end, or that you break out in hives after exercising? If this sounds familiar, then you are likely experiencing something called “heat intolerance.” Heat intolerant people often experience the same things as athletes do during hot weather.

This article will give you an easy to follow guide to help control your heat intolerance and prevent yourself from breaking a sweat.

What Causes Heat Intolerance?

The body’s core temperature is controlled by the hypothalamus (the brain). The hypothalamus regulates our base body temperature through two important mechanisms: cooling off and sweating. When environmental conditions are too warm, thermoregulatory mechanisms are activated which results in increased sweating for evaporation purposes. This process continues until environmental temperatures no longer pose an additional risk of overheating or damage due to excessive sweating. During exercise, there may be other factors at play other than excessive perspiration such as high blood pressure which can also contribute to overheating leading to muscle cramping and fatigue. What We Do To Avoid Excessive Sweatiness Breathing Pattern – Deep breaths allow more oxygen into the lungs which allows for better performance under any circumstance including staying cool during exercise! Milk Thistle – Milk thistle helps increase red blood cell production while lowering cholesterol levels making it great for overall health! Focus On Hydration- Make sure you drink plenty of water throughout the day so that your body has enough fluid available at all times Passively Cooling

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