Night Sweating When Sick?

List all the medication you take. Look at the list of generic and brand names, both together and side by side, until you can no longer see any difference between them. If any one medicine makes your symptoms worse or relieves only some of your symptoms then it is either an ineffective drug that causes more harm than good or a dose that is too high for you to tolerate (this is called “tolerance”). The first step in dealing with this problem is figuring out which drugs are causing problems; second step: weeding out those drugs from your medication regimen so as not to cause further problems. Ask yourself whether these medicines work well enough already for you to continue taking them long term, or if they might be causing more harm than good – perhaps by activating other stress hormones such as cortisol? Given there are very few real options left on our standard medications list if one does create new stress-related issues then we must find another way, otherwise we will keep trying more conventional treatments just because they exist!

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