Losing Salt When Sweating?

Some people think that if they sweat a lot, they are losing salt when sweating. This is not the case. Sweating does cause you to lose water from your body via evaporation and this will make you slightly more dehydrated as there is less liquid in the blood, but it does NOT lead to an increase in salt loss because of increased sodium excretion. In fact, some studies have shown that those who lose a lot of fluid during exercise actually do NOT become significantly more thirsty compared to those who don’t sweat much at all!! So why would anyone want to drink salty beverages? Well that’s a whole different topic!

Can I use desiccated thyroid without lactose intolerance? Or vice versa?

It is always best for me personally (and many others) to avoid both together as desiccated thyroid contains lactose which can be hard on our livers but also dairy products so it has been found beneficial for my skin problems with acne & eczema too. However I know sometimes one or other may be needed especially children or teenagers going through puberty etc so the answer depends on each person individually

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