Itchy Scalp When Sweating?

As I’m sure you’re aware, heat is the enemy of your hair. The secretion of sweat by your scalp becomes more pronounced when working out in high temperatures like on a hot yoga class or an aerobics workout at the gym. This makes it easy to see why these kinds of workouts often cause dandruff and flakes to appear; it’s basically because your body goes into overdrive trying to cool down with all that sweat! But here are some tips on how you can help reduce this moisture: 1) Drink plenty of water throughout the day (preferably before or after exercise) 2) A great option for those who love their spas but don’t have time to get there regularly is a sauna as opposed to a steam room which will allow you pores stay open longer so less moisture builds up 3) Stay away from perfumes and scents as they tend not only contain chemicals that clog your pores, but also alcohols that dry out the skin 4) If using anti-dandruff shampoos or conditioners then try using them mainly once a week if possible rather than every other day 5) Wear breathable fabrics such as cotton tshirts instead of synthetic ones which just trap all those extra evaporation products around our bodies 6) Also make sure any clothing has been washed thoroughly. Clothes can be left out overnight in sunlight where they’ll become warm enough provided no one sleeps under them…they’ll evaporate faster! 7 ) Lastly,

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