Itching When Sweating?

What could be done?

I wondered if I should report this to my doctor, but decided against it because, according to the brochure that came with the spectacles when they were bought, “universities are not allowed to keep records of your prescription.” This was true in Britain at the time. But it wouldn’t have been hard for them to find out what prescriptions I had been given over the years anyway. So why bother reporting anything? It might even come back and bite me later on when I needed a different pair of glasses…if ever!

My life continued in this way for another couple of months until one day during lunchtime in mid-January 1988 something happened that changed everything about how I saw myself and my world in general: A trainee optometrist told me he thought he could do something about the problems caused by my two cataracts by removing both lenses from both eyes! He mentioned possible complications which sounded rather serious, so he asked if there was anyone else who would like him to check their eyes out first before proceeding with surgery on mine. Apparently someone else had contacted him saying she also wanted her cataract removed too – although she didn’t know which eye yet (she’d only just found out she had cataracts). The optometrist said he couldn’t operate on her without knowing what eye it was because each patient’s case is treated differently based upon where exactly they think their lens is located within them – inside

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