Is Sweating Good When You Re Sick?

” he asked.

“Good enough,” I said with a smile. “But it was the only thing that worked on my germs.” He nodded and then started running down a list that seemed to be in his head of things we could do while Perry was gone that would keep us busy but not too crazy bored. We were going out to dinner, hitting up some interesting spots for lunch, checking out the view from our hotel room window at night so we could look over the city lights below as they twinkled like Christmas trees, and even doing an afternoon hike through the park next door so we didn t have far to go when our food ran out or something needed cleaning before tomorrow s flight home. He never mentioned going back into town again though I knew he wasn t going to let me forget about it either way without saying a word first just by looking at me funny every now and then . It made me think he wanted us all together because maybe there was more here than what had been happening between him and Perry since this whole thing started last month which is why he wasn t letting anything happen between them tonight unless they both wanted it too . At least until after their trip ended today Friday morning . Maybe if nothing else happened between them right now , he thought admitting what was really bothering him might make things easier later on once everyone got home safely? Then again … maybe this errand really did have everything to do with taking care of business for

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