Is Sweating Good When You Have A Cold?

Is your nose running?”

“No, but I have a cold. The doctor gave me some stuff for it. He said it would help. But he forgot to tell me not to eat too much sugar! ”

“Oh, well, you know better than that yourself—that is why the doctor told you not to eat too much sugar . You don’t want sugars to go into your lungs and cause bronchitis, do you? Let’s see if I can find this cough syrup where we keep our medicines … ah … here it is. Now let’s give him two teaspoonsful of that every hour or so until his cold clears up without causing any damage at all. Then maybe he’ll quit breathing through his mouth like an elephant.”

I found out later about the poor sick man who was waiting vainly in line outside my office door because no one had ever taught him safety precautions or how to protect himself against germs; poor fellow didn’t even know there were germs in the air besides bacteria (and they’re always trying hard to get their hooks into us anyway), which are obviously harmless beings when properly handled by surgical steel surgical instruments like tweezers and forceps; also nothing could be done about these other organisms floating around everywhere around us with evil intentions—for instance pink things called viruses that may be involved in what doctors call “influenza”—which is just another name for “you catch something” disease. These

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