Is Sweating Good For You When Working Out?

A new study suggests that men who sweat more are gene-linked to being better lovers.

A man’s sex drive is largely genetic, according to British researchers studying the genes of nearly 100 males in Sweden. They found strong links between a man’s ability to get aroused during sexual activity and his genes, particularly the activity of two particular genes, one of which increases testosterone production while the other reduces it.

The research findings suggest that there may be an underlying cause for male inability or unwillingness to maintain an erection after ejaculation (called post-orgasmic ED), says Dr David Veale, professor of reproductive health at University College London. “This study shows there is a link between arousal patterns and sexual function,” he said in a statement reported by Reuters news agency on Tuesday January 6th . “What these results show us is how important it is for both partners in long term relationships – especially women – not just to have regular sex but also hot sex.” The study appears in this month’s issue of Human Reproduction journal published by Mary Ann Liebert Inc., publishers headquartered in New York City. It was led by Dr Fiona Mathews from Imperial College London’s Department of Medicine with contributions from scientists at Edinburgh University and within medical laboratories based at Glasgow Royal Infirmary NHS Trust; Guy’s Hospital NHS Foundation Trust; Newcastle upon Tyne Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust; Oxford Radcliffe Hospitals NHS Trust; St George’s Medical School & Churchill

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