I Keep Sweating When I Sleep?

Most people sweat while they sleep, and it’s not a bad thing. That’s the body’s natural cooling process — sweating — which helps keep you cool and comfortable during your slumber. If your sweat is more than just a few beads at night, however, that may be an indication of something else going on with your health or medical condition. It can also indicate some illness such as hyperthyroidism (an overactive thyroid gland) or diabetes mellitus (sugar in the blood). You should consult with your doctor if perspiration keeps you up all night long or is accompanied by other symptoms such as weight loss, thirst and fatigue.[3]

What foods aggravate my acid reflux? And what foods help ameliorate this problem? I am taking omeprazole every day and drinking coffee too much.. total of 3 cups per day but i feel like im drinking up to 6 cups…also i exercise for about 90 minutes daily but its difficult because of the pain…i try to eat lean meat, chicken breast , turkey breast …but sometimes even it makes me nauseous . does any one know how i get rid of this nausea ? thank u so much…I HATE SWEATING ALL OVER MY BED AND FEEL HOT ALL THE TIME IN MY FACE AND UNDER MY NECK ..WHAT CAUSES THIS …PLEASE HELP ME….am allergic to many things including soy protein in most diet pills ,asparagus beans nuts f

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