How To Treat Over Sweating?

Over sweating is a very common condition that affects about 80% of people. It can be difficult to know what causes it because there are so many reasons for this type of excessive sweating, including anxiety, stress and certain medical conditions. Many times the cause is simply not known or diagnosed because symptoms may seem unrelated.

How Over Sweating Affects You

If you experience uncontrollable amounts of perspiration on your skin during exercise, while sleeping or even at the dinner table then you could have over exercising syndrome (OTS). OTS usually begins gradually with an increase in perspiration that starts after every activity but gets worse when doing something more active such as exercising or playing sports. The body’s temperature has increased too much due to the excess sweat which leads to changes in mood and behavior just like other conditions related to hyperhidrosis such as hypothalamic obesity syndrome (HOS) and restless legs syndrome (RLS). These disorders are chronic diseases caused by abnormal function in part of your brain called the hypothalamus or thermoregulatory center where the signals from all major physiological systems go through before reaching their final destination via nerves ending up in different parts of your body.

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