How To Treat Excessive Underarm Sweating?

Underarm sweating affects up to 90 percent of the American population. Unfortunately, many people do not realize that this condition is a medical disorder and may go undiagnosed for years. In fact, if you think excessive underarm sweat might be normal or just a sign of being overly nervous or anxious then it’s time to ask your doctor about treating excessive underarm sweat with CoolSculpting. An effective non-invasive procedure called Coolsculpting can treat excessive sweating in the armpits by freezing them from within so they won’t have to work as hard when you are exercising or at work. The procedure takes only minutes and will leave you looking better than ever!

What is Armpit Hyperhidrosis?

Armpit hyperhidrosis is a type of excessive sweating in which one sweats excessively under their arms (underarms). There are different types of Hyperhidrosis: primary, secondary and tertiary hyperhydrosis . Primary hyperhydrosis occurs in people who don’t have any other conditions causing it but still perspire even though they feel no physical need to do so; Secondary Hyperhydrosis occurs when there already exists another underlying cause such as an underlying skin disease like Melanoma , thyroid problems etc., whereas Tertiary Hyperhydrosis results from emotional stressors such as anxiety , depression , insomnia etc.. Treatment usually involves prescription medicines for these disorders along with counseling sessions aimed at helping patients deal with their

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