How To Stop Your Toilet Tank From Sweating?

The tank of the toilet is designed to absorb water during filling and release it back into the bowl. The same thing happens when you flush the toilet; however, there are some differences between how this works with different types of toilets. When you flush a standard American made toilet or one that was made in Canada your flapper valve at the top of your tank will open up and let all trapped air out (the same thing happens if you just press down on your lever).

You can see where all that extra water goes by looking below our picture:

When you first start using a new home, this may seem like an inconvenience — but after awhile it becomes second nature! With older homes though, these “vents” aren’t as effective because they may not have enough room for all that excess pressure to escape so they build up behind them until eventually something gives way. The floor drain can become clogged too! Having too much moisture in any part of your house can cause an imbalance which leads to serious health problems if left undiscovered for long periods of time. This is especially true with old houses built before World War I since most were constructed from materials such as brick and mortar instead of metal grating or tile flooring.

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