How To Stop Your Hands From Sweating?

Why is it that we sweat?

Our bodies need to maintain a certain temperature. As it gets warmer, our body will try and cool down. To do this, the blood vessels in your skin constrict and then release heat when you perspire. This causes us to feel hot and sweaty! Sweating serves many purposes: cooling off your scalp by making the hair stand up; keeping the insides of your nostrils moist so they don’t get too dry; maintaining insulation for warmth if you are cold or wet; protecting our mucous membranes from drying out (such as inside our noses, throat etc), and much more. Although sweating can be uncomfortable at times, there really isn’t anything wrong with it! It’s actually quite healthy for us humans. However, excessive sweating can cause problems if left untreated such as Hyperhidrosis (excessive underarm armpit sweat).

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