How To Stop Your Hands And Feet From Sweating?

I have to stop my hands from sweating. I use a lot of sunscreen, so it burns my hands when I go outside. I also take the bus and walk instead of taking cabs all the time because they are expensive! And sometimes your clothes stick to your skin. How do you prevent that?

Well, first off, put on some antiperspirant or deodorant before you leave for work or school in case you start sweating during the day. If there is no one else around who can help you change if necessary, try putting an extra layer of clothing under your shirt (or even over) until something dries up enough to peel off later. Also make sure to wash your armpits with soap regularly – especially after playing sports or working out at the gym! Your body naturally sweats more than other parts so washing it regularly helps keep things dryer down lower where sweat is produced much easier than back up near where sweat usually forms on other areas like arms and legs which already have perspiration glands present there anyway due to their location along with their size/shape.

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