How To Stop Your Hair From Sweating?

1. Take a warm shower or bath and wash your hair at the same time. Warm water opens up pores in the scalp, which allows sweat to be released more easily. Just make sure you remove all of the oil from your hair so it doesn’t turn greasy again when you leave the water! 2. Rinse with a cool or lukewarm rinse after every shampooing (but only if your hair is dry). If there’s no soap on your head when rinsing, use a little bit of conditioner instead! 3. Wash with super-thorough shampoos that cleanse thoroughly but gently – this will help eliminate bacteria in between washes and won’t strip any natural oils from your locks. 4. Avoid using too many products in between washes – try not to add anything else to your shampoo/conditioner from day-to-day, ie: don’t use cheap shampoo just because it’s cheap – It’ll probably cause problems for you later down road

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