How To Stop Your Feet Sweating?

The next thing to do is decide how you’re going to keep yourself cool. One of the main things that makes your feet sweat is heat – and we all know that hot, sweaty feet are one of the most uncomfortable feelings in the world. So what can we do? There are a number of different ways:

Wear sandals with socks – this helps absorb moisture and keeps your shoes from getting too warm (although if you’re wearing sandals or flip flops for any length of time, make sure they’ve been broken in properly). If possible, don’t wear socks with sandals as it makes them more slippery! Wear cheap shower shoes – I wish these were around when I was at school as they would have completely changed my life; gone were those days when you had to sit on wet floors during PE because your gym shoes would soak up all the water and then get soaked by puddles on the floor: instead now there are “shower-proofs” which prevent dirt and mud from coming into contact with your skin (not cheap though!). Wash your feet after sport/gym/exercise/walking etc so they aren’t coated in sweat before bedtime. This means wearing thin cotton socks rather than thick wool ones overnight will reduce sweating considerably due to an increase in air circulation. The same goes for people who take part in sports where their legs often become very sweaty such as football or

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