How To Stop Your Feet From Sweating In Boots?

I found a way to stop my feet from sweating in boots and it’s amazingly simple. I don’t wear shoes most of the year (except for sandals), so let me share with you this easy trick that worked like magic on my feet!

Step 1: Wash your feet with soap and water, then dry them well. It may seem silly, but if you do not dry your foot really well when wearing boots, sweat will make the leather sticky and uncomfortable to walk or work in.

Step 2: Put some Vaseline on your toes; making sure they are all covered. You can use only one finger at a time, applying just enough grease to cover all four fingers. Apply petroleum jelly right into their heel too – which is also where sweaty socks tend to collect moisture while walking around during warmer months! If needed add more grease after every few hours of wearing boots overnight/throughout the day as required by conditions of climate & weather . In colder climates add it at night before going to bed so that our waking up without having any unpleasant wetness between our toes!! And remember…the oil works best when used right after it has been exposed for 24 hrs., so no need wasting money buying bottles!!!

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