How To Stop Your Crotch From Sweating?

Steps to stop your crotch from sweating:

Drink Plenty Water and keep hydrated. Drink a cup of water before you start working out, and drink another one when you finish (about 30 minutes after). You should be drinking 2-3 cups in total throughout the day. Keep Sweat Free: Wear Cool Clothes: For long term prevention, wear cool clothes such as cotton shirts, collars or T-shirts that do not absorb any sweat during exercise; instead they let it evaporate through your pores easily. Use Moisture Wicking Underwear: If you are training in clothes with moisture wicking properties like Spandex running shorts or polyester pants then these will serve as extra protection against sweat build up on your skin. Change Clothes After Workout: When you get home from exercising change into a dry shirt / undershirt/towel etc… Otherwise the moisture will cause your underwear to become moist which can lead to smelly underpants!

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