How To Stop Your Buttcrack From Sweating?

I just shaved my legs and then went to work that night. The next day, I was sweating bullets because of the chemicals in the products. I ended up taking showers every few hours because my sweat was so bad it made me stink! It wasn’t until after a week or so when the hairs started to grow back that I realized what had happened.

How can you prevent ingrown hair?

When shaving, always shave straight down with an old-fashioned safety razor (they are less likely to nick your skin). If you’ve ever gotten an ingrown hair from a waxing kit, you know how painful they can be. Don’t stick your face under hot water with those things! You have no idea what kind of stringy gunk is left behind on the bottom of those mirrors! Same goes for electrolysis — it’s not worth it unless you’re going through major surgery anyway!

What happens if you accidentally cut too close? What should we do about this one? Where does it bleed? Is there any way around this problem since most women go for short hairstyles instead of long ones these days?

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