How To Stop Your Bum From Sweating?

I haven’t found anything that works. I always get hot flashes during the day and at night. Sometimes nights if I’m really tired, my arms feel like they are burning up too so it’s hard to put on a coat or sweater. It is very uncomfortable though! And it seems like every time I’m doing something, sweating starts!!

– Heather

Q: What should I do about my sweat odor? How can you tell when someone has excessive body odor? Is there something that can be done about this?? How much water should you drink daily?? Thanks for your help!!!

A: First of all–you’re not alone! This happens to almost everyone who sweats (even me!). However, for some people, their bodies don’t process excess sodium properly; hence why one gets sweaty palms while others don’t (see other question). We may not know what causes our body chemistry to make us stink but we CAN control how much we sweat and how intense the smell is by drinking more water than normal (1/2 gallon per day) plus taking NOW vitamins w/collagen support. You can take these NOW products at any time whether you’re active or sedentary because they won’t cause side effects even if taken in large doses like other supplements. The best way to figure out exactly what’s going wrong with your sweating patterns is through a sweat test where they check your levels of various hormones which control sweating including estrogen and testosterone which go into overdrive

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