How To Stop Your Armpits From Sweating So Much?

The first thing to understand is that sweating isn’t really a bad thing. Sweat actually does some good for your body. It helps keep you cool and fresh during exercise — it keeps the skin of your feet and legs from getting too dry, so they don’t blister or crack — and it can help protect against colds and infections.

When sweat glands get blocked, however, the resulting underarm odor can be quite unpleasant (and embarrassing). The problem usually occurs when you sweat more than normal because of an illness such as mononucleosis or malaria; stress; heat or environmental factors such as weather changes; medications such as diuretics that cause water retention; pregnancy ; excessive caffeine intake ; poor diet ; drugs such as steroids , cocaine , marijuana , certain antibiotics , alcohol withdrawal, over-the-counter medications without proper hydration or those containing salycilates .

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