How To Stop Underarm Sweating Overnight?

If you have been sweating from your underarms, do it FAST. Buy an anti-perspirant product and follow the instructions on the package to use them only at night when you go to bed. Upon waking up in the morning, wash your armpits with a mild soap or a bar of homemade soap that does not contain any fragrances or preservatives because these products can cause irritation in some people. It is best if you can cleanse them immediately after going to sleep since this helps prevent odor from accumulating overnight. In addition, avoid wearing tight clothing around your armpits during humid days because moisture may make sweat come out much longer than usual when worn for extended periods of time. This will result in uncomfortable skin breakouts and poor hygiene which could lead to other problems such as infections and skin allergies.[3]

What are the things I should know about using deodorants?

It is recommended that you don’t apply deodorants directly onto wet skin before showering but rather wait until they dry completely first so as not to irritate sensitive areas like your underarm area where there are less nerve endings thus making it more susceptible towards irritation.[4][5][6] You can also try applying deodorant into powder form instead of lotion/cream forms since they won’t clog pores like regular deodorants do; however more often than not powders don’t last very long depending on how active one’s lifestyle is.[7

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