How To Stop Underarm Sweating And Odor?

I am a male and my underarm sweat is the worst. I have dermatitis in that area and it’s just continually getting worse. What can I do to stop this problem? Is there anything else at all that might help me?


The reason for this question was because of your statement, “My underarms [are] always [smelling].” Your physician has probably recommended an antiperspirant deodorant or even given you a prescription (drug) for some kind of anti-itch medication (antihistamine). But if these treatments alone don’t work after trying them on and off over time, you should consider seeing a skin specialist who can identify what causes your sweaty pits! Don’t discount the possibility that another cause may be present such as eczema (red rashy patches) or rosacea (light red face with rough textured skin), which could be causing both sweating and odor. The good news is that most cases of excessive sweating due to one cause will go away on their own within several months — but only if they are treated promptly! Otherwise, they may persist indefinitely depending upon how serious the underlying condition is. You need to make sure your doctor investigates further before making any assumptions about what might be wrong; otherwise he/she could miss something important like HIV infection for example which needs proper treatment right away instead of ignoring it thinking it won’t get better! Good luck!!

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