How To Stop Sweating Without Antiperspirant?

by melissa thomas

hi my name is melissa. i have been using antiperspirant for almost 20 years due to a condition called hyperhidrosis. they say that the only way you can get rid of it is by putting on an anti perspirant but then your skin gets really dry and you’re always itching, so i tried all kinds of home remedies like eating yogurt, drinking water with ice cubes in it etc. nothing worked until last year when my sister told me about this book she had read online it has made such a difference to her life..i was desperate not wanting to try the suggestions in the book cos if they didnt work for her she said there would be no point…so i thought what harm could come from trying them out…well im happy to say that after 2 weeks off antiperspirant (yes ive done some research) I HAVE GOT RID OF MY PROBLEM!! Here are my tips – 1- stop using foam/stick deodorants stick deoderants contain aluminium which will aggravate your problem ,and its bad for your skin too 2-sweating alot? get up and walk around 3times 4-eating lots of carrots promotes sweating,,eat one every day….theyre good for you 5-do exercise 6-cut down on caffeine 7-dont eat big meals at lunch time 8–cut out salt 9–get into shape 10 dont go back onto antiperspirants

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