How To Stop Sweating When Nervous?

I sweat uncontrollably when I am nervous, and it can be embarrassing. What is the best way to stop sweating when nervous? Answer: First of all, let me say that if your concern is about your appearance (and it probably isn’t), then you shouldn’t sweat much in public anyway.

However, what you might call “sweating” could really be “perspiration,” which is caused by increased blood flow through the pores — so excessive perspiration does occur during stress. So… yes… try these techniques for controlling perspiration while remaining relaxed: 1) Drink at least 8 glasses of water or juice daily 2) Use a humidifier in your bedroom 3) Wear loose clothing 4) Avoid perfumes/colognes 5) Exercise regularly 6) Eat foods high in iron 7 ) Get enough sleep! And also see my article on how to beat the heat

How do I get rid of facial flushing after eating spicy food? My face turns red right after I eat hot chilies or other spices like cumin seeds. Usually this happens once every few days but sometimes more often than not. It doesn’t happen with spinach or garlic only chilies are responsible for this symptom which occurs even though I don’t have any underlying health problem except for being overweight.(1st time ever i weighed 150 pounds). The last thing i ate was some curry potatoes(spicy pepperoni pizza sauce). Please help me out here! Answer: This post has no medical

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