How To Stop Sweating Under Your Arms For Guys?

When you apply these methods, you will see the difference in your sweating. I got rid of my underarm sweat by using Lotion-Aid Intensive Stress Control which is available at any Walgreens store for $7.99. It has the same ingredients that are found in deodorants but it’s easier to use than regular deodorant! You just put on some lotion, wait 30 minutes then wash off with cold water and pat dry with a towel or cloth.

This stuff works wonders because I used to have oily skin anyway so my sweat didn’t show through as much as most people do…but now not only does it stop me from sweating under my arms, it also moisturizes them! The directions say to apply 2-3 times daily depending on how bad your sweating problem is but if I’m really sweaty or working out hard for an extended period of time (say 5 hours) then I might even go over 3 times per day!

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